Swarovski Optik becomes new sponsor of Cybird!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Cybird Swarovski Optik has taken over the role as main sponsor.

Thus, we can publish the new price table for MP in bird-watching (click on the "play MP" in the menu on the left).

We would also like to advise all bird photographers on Swarovski Optik digital photo competition. Read more at their website!


1272 new pictures!

We are pleased to announce that we received four new Cybird photographers! These are:

  • Pentti Korhonen, Fagersta
  • Martin Rydberg, Ludvika
  • Oskar Arvidsson
  • Petter Ohlsson, Ludvika
Many thanks to all the photographers who let us use their images in X! We hope of course that this might be a good way for photographers to reach a wider audience.

Would you also be a Cybird-photographer? Send us an email to and talk about what you have, so we agree on something. All pictures are welcome!


Open Swedish Championship in Birdwatching 2006

The Open Swedish Championship in Birdwatching has started.

During February to August this year qualification rounds will be held. 39 persons will get the chans to win a seat to the final held at Ottenby, Sweden. Only 4 players will go to the final.

The three best tickers plus the ones with highscore in X! and Skvirp! will each month qualify.

The finalists will all win nice prizes from Swarovski!

To be able to qualify you must be a paying Cybird member.

Good luck all!


New partner!

Roger Book, one of the leading bird sound recorder in Sweden lets us use his recordings for the new game Skvirp! which will be published soon. Please have a look at his site! From here you can order his recordings.
Skvirp! will work as X! and the game consists of more than 8,000 recordings of almost 600 speices.


The Swedish Championship in Birdwatching 2005 has been settled!

After a very good fight where all the participants showed great knowledge and sportmanship, we had a winner: Anders Eriksson from Solna, Sweden! Congratulations Anders!

Result list:

  • 1:st AndersEriksson (Anders Eriksson, Solna), won the Telescope from Carl Zeiss.
  • 2:a Caspia (Mattias Nordlund, Luleå), won the Victory-binocular from Carl Zeiss.
  • 3:a Petter (Petter Ohlsson, Ludvika), won the Conquest-binocular from Carl Zeiss.
  • 4:a JohanS (Johan Stedt, Kristinehamn), won the Contax-camera from Molfo.
So, everyone won something and I can hardly see any losers here. Congratulations to all!

In short, the final became a very nice event. A very big audience showed up, and it was crowded.

The audience also participated in a special contest, and Jonas Bonnedahl, Kalmar won a Compact binocular from Carl Zeiss. Congratulations to yuo to, Jonas!

More detailed information will be published soon, with some photos from the event.


Final in Open Swedish Championship in Birdwatching at Saturday!

Lördagen 8/10 kl 19.00 är det dags för SM-final i cyber-fågelskådning. Den hålls i filmsalen i samma byggnad som restaurang Fågel Blå nere på Ottenby, Ölands södra udde.
Please come and watch the final of the contest now going on for almost six months and see who wins the telescope from Carl Zeiss. Because of the very nice prices (see price table below SM-site) we wxpect a very exciting and hard struggle.

Anyone wishing may also participate in the public contest.

  • First price is a binocular from Carl Zeiss: 10x25 Classic Compact.
  • Fleece sweaters and umbrellas from Maxxium is also at stake.
  • Famous Grouse also has some prizes.
  • In addition, books and more from Naturbokhandeln and SOF be raffled among those participating in the contest.
Free entry of course.

Collect month ticks

And win gift certificates to Gunnar Olsson Photo ( Now worth SEK 2000! Note, again from September: The same player may only win one gift certificate per year. However, all of which has already won the gift certificate may still win another one. The rule applies from 1/9 2005.


"Segerstads Fyr" is a new Partner to Cybird!

We are very happy to announce that Christian Cederroth supports us at Cybird. Christian is one of the most skilled birdwatchers in Sweden, and he will help us with securing quality in the game as well as other stuff.
He will also let some winner in a future competition win a weekend long course in birdwatching.