About Cybird.se



Cybird is a non-commercial site for bird lovers that was created in 2004 by Johan Levan, Johan Berg and Mikael Granberg of Sprawl Communication AB, from an idea by Johan Levan.

Sprawl Communication AB was set up by Johan Berg in the early 1990s with the business concept of helping companies with project management and business development.


The aim of Cybird is to contribute to and expand interest in birds, nature and environmental issues in general. Through learning to identify birds we believe that we get closer to nature and by doing so learn to appreciate nature and its diversity. We believe that the basis for an ecological community is for human beings to learn more about animals and plants. Only through learning can we understand our role in nature and see that we are part of the ecological system. We believe that the best way to increase learning about nature is to do it in an entertaining way, by means of competitions, computer games and similar.


We hope to be able to cover our costs through advertising and sponsorship. Our main sponsor is Swarovski Optik. We also work closely with various interest groups, for example SOF, the Swedish Ornithological Society, and SNF, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Other sponsors and partners can be found under "Links" in the menu. Do you want to help develop and improve Cybird? You can contribute in many different ways: through sponsorship, by letting us use your pictures and sound recordings or by advertising us (for example with a link exchange). All contributions are very welcome! Just contact us and we'll be happy to tell you more.